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Identify Winners for Your Team with Powerful Assessments.
By Minesh & Kim Baxi, CPBA, CPVA

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Here is what Employers Like You Are Saying...

  • “The CORE Coaching and Training Company works exclusively with high achievers in Mortgage and Real Estate. Minesh and Kim Baxi are the hiring experts we recommend to our clients.”

    Rick Ruby - Founder, The CORE Training

  • “Minesh and Kim Baxi are an integral part of my hiring process. I do not hire new employees without their valuable input. Their assessments also help me effectively manage and mentor my team.”

    Todd Scrima - Founder, Summit Funding

  • “Our clients are business leaders, entrepreneurs and sports figures; therefore we must deliver flawless, impeccable service. To ensure we do, I use Minesh and Kim to personality test our team members. This create a group of individuals with similar values that are customer-focused.”

    Reeta Casey - Head Real Estate Coach, The CORE Training


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